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UPDATE : Rory is now #5 amongst Western Conference defensemen! Link here. We still have a pretty big mountain to climb (almost 173,000 votes to catch Lidstrom), but Rory was actually the #1 votegetter for Week 3 with 113,509! By contrast, Lidstrom had 102,584 and Niedermayer had 96,135. We need to make up for lost time by voting as much as possible. By the time Week 4 results come out (December 13th), I think a realistic goal is to see Rory at #3 and closing the gap on the top 2. If you'd like to help this effort out, try to pick someone below Rory as the other Western Conference defenseman. Ideally you can pick Visnovsky, Liles, or Regehr...but anyone below Rory would work pretty well.

I've decided to run ads on the site, but with a twist. If you're interested in advertising, you have to make a pledge to The Canucks For Kids charity per Rory vote. Depending on how much you pledge, you can have either a small or large ad. I reserve the right to limit the types of advertisers displayed on the page. For more details, click here.

If anyone is going to an NHL game in the future, I urge you to bring a sign. Example here. Great job guys!

To keep updated on all the latest Rory news, you can visit the forum or you can go to for the main discussion thread. You might have to register to view the thread, but it's a great site and free to sign up.

If you're interested in contacting me for any media interviews/statements, or just have a comment in general about the site, Email me.

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